The Power of Context

01 Nov

PAPER # 4: Prof. Jorge| Expos 355:101
Readings: Jean Twenge “An Army of One: Me” (New Humanities Reader)
Malcolm Gladwell “The Power of Context” (
New Humanities Reader)
Gladwell finds evidence that “the convictions of your heart and the actual contents of your
thoughts are less important, in the end, in guiding your actions than the immediate context of
your behavior.” (161) Explore the implications by turning to Twenge’s description of the
characters and qualities of Generation Me.
Does the generation you belong to count as an
immediate context? In what ways could the environment presented by Gladwell create a
more responsible less self-centered people?
Questions to Get You Started: Use these questions to begin understanding the writing prompt,
formulate your own, independent, textually based response. These questions are intended to get
you thinking not to be explicitly answered.
Remember to use the text from both essays to support
your writing.
● What does “the power of context” mean?
● In what ways is Gladwell a frame to explain Twenge? How?
● Is there a relationship between influence of your generation and the power of context? In
what ways?
Due Dates:
● 1st Rough Draft Due: 11/2 bring two print copy to class. Upload to Rough Draft 1 Paper
4 on Sakai
● Rough Draft Due: 11/9 bring two print copies to class. Upload to Rough Draft 2 Paper 4
on Sakai
Final Draft Due: 11/16 upload to Final Paper 4 on Sakai
Late rough drafts will result in a half-letter grade deduction from the final draft of Paper. Late
final drafts will result in a full-letter grade deduction from the final draft of Paper.
Required formatting: stapled, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12-pt. font (Times New Roman),
MLA format (Your headers, page numbers, and quotations should be formatted properly. See
Keys for Writers.)

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