Final Report

01 Nov

The Final Report will present the analysis of the chosen project or problem based on sustainability principles. It will also provide recommendations for ensuring the project or operation runs more sustainably in the future. Challenges and limitations of proposed solutions should also be addressed.

The Final Report should contain the following sections:
I. Executive Summary (5 points)
II. Introduction (20 points)
III. Sustainability Principle – Literature Review (30 points)
IV. Overview of the Project (30 points)
a. Background information of the project/activity
b. Sustainability efforts already included in the project
c. Strength and weakness of the applied sustainability strategies
V. Recommendations for the Project (30 points)
a. What is missing and what do you propose for improvement?
b. What are the limitations to address your proposed ideas?
VI. Conclusion – Reflections on the Sustainability Principle (20 points)
VII. References (15 points)
Purpose: To help students learn how to analyze practices of sustainability principles in the operation and management of municipal activities, projects, processing of products and/or services from a systems perspective.

I need help with expanding recommendations and with conclusion and reflection part of the project.

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