causal analysis essay causes and effects

28 Oct

Instructor Note: Items with an asterisk and highlighted in green must be determined and completed by the instructor to reflect the specific pre-writing, peer review, and drafting assigned, along with due dates. The pre-writing activities, peer review, and drafting must be worth 40 points, and should include a variety of prewriting tasks. Each bolded section below must be maintained; however, instructors can add additional information. This “instructor note” should be deleted once all updates have been made. (See the Instructor Resources folder in the course’s Blackboard shell for additional examples and resources.)

Topic: You will write this essay based on an instructor-approved topic used in a previous course essay.

Purpose: This essay analyzes an issue or event in order to elaborate clearly to the reader its significant causes and meaningful consequent effects. The essay’s purpose is to address why this issue or event occurred the way it did and what its impacts were.

Description of Assignment: You will use a previous course topic and analyze its causes and explain the effects for your reader. Some causes and effects can be scientifically determined; however, many times the connections between causes and effects are not certain and require one to make educated, reasoned, and supported speculations about those connections. You will use skills practiced in previous essays such as summarizing and comparing. The essay will require you to present the subject fairly and possibly respond to potential objections to or alternative explanations for your claims.
Source(s) Required: At least three credible sources are required for this essay. In addition, you’ll need sources that are more informational in nature that allow you to show the background and current context of the topic in general and issues or items specifically. All of your sources must be authoritative and credible; they should also represent a variety of perspectives on the topic.

Reference sources, such as an encyclopedia, (e.g. or a dictionary will not count as legitimate sources. This includes reference sites like and In addition, personal blogs or essays posted on personal websites or self-published on sites like and are not acceptable.

Audience: You are writing to an audience of fellow students with comparable knowledge regarding the topic. You should identify and demonstrate an awareness of the target audience based upon the topic selection.

Format: 3-5 double-spaced pages, not including title page and reference page, using APA documentation style.
I need three causes and three effects each my topic is on domestic violence

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