The King David Report

27 Oct

Reflection Paper on The King David Report by Stefan Heym
– The PRIMARY task is to discuss biblical texts as you understand it from a literary perspective
– Briefly consider how you imagine the biblical story functioning in its ancient context
– Final task- one page creative rewriting of the biblical text not the novel
1. Identify: Identify one issue or concern in the text that requires further interpretation- This may be: a word or phrase that has multiple meanings, a question about the nature or intentions of one of the story′s characters (including God), a question about the plot, how does the story end? is it satisfactory?, a question about the narrators point of view
2. Exegete: Discuss your own interpretation of the text and your understanding of the issue or comcern raised such as: What are the various ways of approaching the question raised in #1? What basic interpretive considerations are at stake (translation, dialogue, characterization, plot, metaphor, etc.) What have other scholars said about this issue? Would the specific issue you raised in #1 be of concern to the story′s original audience? Why?
3. Compare: Discuss the way in which the contemporary novelist approaches the issue you have raised: How does the novelist dramatize/address the issue you have raised about the biblical text? Does the novelist expand upon or deviate from the original story in your view? If the author does not comment on a biblical story directly, in what ways do the characters in the novel reflect the concerns, interests, and desires of the biblical characters? Are there biblical themes (exile, return, redemption) that the biblical story in question helps the author to explore?
4. Evaluate: How does the novelist′s dramatization and retelling of the story impact your understanding of the biblical text (keeping in mind issue raised in #1) How does it impact your understanding of the interpretive question you raised? Do you read the biblical text differently now?
5. Write: For the last page of the paper, offer a creative rewriting of the story, based on your understanding of the issue raised in #1. You may: rewrite the whole story, rewrite the ending, or write an alternative story that picks up where the original story leaves off.
– This paper should be about 3-4 pages.

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