musical product

27 Oct


Students will prepare a marketing plan for the release of a musical product/CD into the marketplace. A written overview/summary of the marketing plan (1000 words).

This plan should include the following items:

  1. Product overview
  2. Market research
  3. Marketing objectives
  4. Target market
  5. Product strategies
  6. Promotion strategies
  7. Pricing strategies
  8. Distribution strategies
  9. Overview of budgeting
  10. Conclusions
  11. References

You will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • How well the project is researched and planned
  • Clear and insightful communication of ideas
  • Creative solutions and strategies
  • Correct grammar and spelling in the overview/summary
  • Professional presentation
  • Your ability to keep within the maximum word count in the overview/summary.
  • Demonstrated ability to research, interpret and apply academic sources
  • Relevance of sources
  • Credibility of sources
  • Clear identification of assignment aims (and whether these are achieved)
  • Demonstrated ability to conduct independent wider research
  • Cited works should be referenced using an established system
  • Clarity of expression in line with expected academic standards

This Assessment Task relates to the following Learning Outcomes:

  • Analyse industry practices in order to discover new knowledge concerning the music business.
  • Collaborate with other students in order to evaluate, contrast and defend personal judgements concerning the music business.
  • Interpret and evaluate various music business contracts in order to design contractual relationships between artists and other parties, including (but not limited to) artist managers, agents, producers, record companies, and song publishing companies.
  • Apply professional and personal judgment and initiative regarding the complexity, ambiguity and diversity that is generated by the changing music business environment.


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