Essay 3: Proposal Argument

27 Oct

Essay 3: Proposal Argument

Due Date:       Thursday, November 9 (11:59pm Canvas)

Value:             75 points

Length:           3-6 pages (~1000 words, minimum)

Sources:          2, minimum


Preface: A proposal argument looks to show there is a problem that needs a solution.  Your job, as the writer, is to explain what the problem is, then offer a valid solution.


Assignment:  For this assignment, you have your choice of two different ways of looking at the proposal assignment.


Option #1: Research a problem local to you.  This can be anything pertaining to Penn State University, your local neighborhood, or community.  You will state a problem and then offer a solution that you think may work to solve this problem.

Tip: You can look up your local newspapers for Letters to the Editor, visit local meetings

for the city/township, or talk to neighbors.


Option #2:  Research a problem in America that you believe has a feasible solution.  The “problem” should be something that is current and on-going, which you can add to the conversation.  For example, you can write on a gun control or immigration.

Tip: To find a topic, simply listen to the news or look at websites like CNN, FoxNews,

MSNBC.  The problem should be focused in America.


Regardless of what option you choose, you will need to research the problem and possible solutions.


You are required to have at least two (2) outside sources for this assignment, which should come from research at the library.  You must have a Works Cited page, proper MLA citations, and credit your sources in your essay.


Structure:  To help to clearly present your proposal, use the following guidelines for structure.




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