Directions for Analytical Essay

27 Oct

Directions for Analytical Essay
An analytical essay means you will need to present some type of argument, or claim, about what you are analyzing. (person, document, or event)
Step 1: Choose a topic
Step 2: Brain storm ideas: If you’re writing about a historical event, explain with detail what factors contributed to the event. If you are writing about an individual, what factors made that individual significant to World History.
Step 3: Develop Thesis statement (the statement that summarizes your claim/argument)
Step 4: Find supporting evidence using primary and secondary sources.
Step 5: Organize your essay/write it.

Format of essay: 5 Paragraphs
I Introduction (Historical context and thesis)
II. Paragraph 1 (make sure you provide evidence and support)
III Paragraph II (make sure you provide evidence and support)
IV Paragraph III (make sure you provide evidence and support)
V Conclusion (recap essay, include thesis statement)

• Chicago Turabian
• 5 pages
• Use of footnotes
• 3 primary resources and 3 secondary resources
• Font: 12 New Roman Times
• Pages can be numbered
• Please add title page (Your name and topic) not included as a page of your essay.
• No essay covers or protectors needed. I will provide stapler.
Easy citation maker:

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