ANTH 1010 – Introduction to Anthropology

27 Oct

ANTH 1010 – Introduction to Anthropology – Fall 2017
Instructions for Essay #2
This essay concerns the field-temple complexes of Balinese wet rice agriculture. In preparation, you should
watch the film
The Three Worlds of Bali:
Note: If you have trouble with this link, search the film on the UVA library web site and follow their links.] This
film, as you will see, overlaps with the
Goddess and the Computer, which we have already watched in class.
However, it provides more material on Balinese culture, colonial history, and processes of modernization.
This assignment is a bit different from the previous one, in that it is two-pages, instead of one, and does not
limit you to writing one paragraph per prompt. Rather, it should be organized into three sections, which can
consist of more than one paragraph. Each section will need to address specific ideas and information related
to the two-films mentioned above and the lecture notes from 10/10/17.
Please note: You will need to be
selective about which information you include. It will help to carefully read the prompts below, before
The Three Worlds of Bali, so you can take careful notes of relevant information from the film.
In the three sections of this essay, you should address the following prompts as follows.
Section one, briefly
outline the three-part model of culture that we have been using in this class, with reference to patterns of
culture in Bali.
Section two, describe the water temple system in relation to the patterns of culture that you
outlined in the previous section. Be sure to address the following: A) What were the impacts of Dutch
colonialism on the system and the ways that it currently operates; B) How does the system organize people’s
activities; and C) What are the main ways that it supports ecological sustainability?
Section Three, Describe
the Green Revolution’s impacts on Balinese wet rice agriculture in the 1970s, and how these transformations
might be understood from the perspective of The Three Worlds Model. Be sure to address the following: A)
What is the role of the Middle World in The Three Worlds of Bali; B) What is the Green Revolution; and C) How
did the Green Revolution effect Balinese wet rice agriculture, materially, socially, and symbolically?
Please note: The sections are weighted as follows: Section One (20%), Section Two (40%), and Section Three
(40%). You should organize the essay accordingly (i.e. Section One should be about half as long as the other
two). You will find some of the frameworks to answer these prompts in the lecture slides, but this is only part
of the job. You will need to add details from other sources and some of your own reasoning in the process.
I encourage you to meet with your TAs as you prepare this essay. I am also available in office hours.
Formatting Instructions
n Create a one-line header, including: your name, ANTH 1010, Essay #1, date;
n Use one inch margins and 12 point Calibri font, single-spaced;
n Write this essay in three sections – as outlined above – start each one with descriptive headline;
n Your essay should not exceed two sides of an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper.
n No bibliography is required, but please cite as follows (you do not have to cite all of these):
— G & C (Goddess and the Computer)
— 3WB (The Three Worlds of Bali),
— LN + Date (Lecture Notes),
— TB + Page (Your Textbook)
This essay is due on Thursday, October 26th at 5pm in Collab

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