Training Design Project (TDP)—Fall 2017

26 Oct

HRD 3340: Fall 2017—TDP Expectations/Instructions
Training Design Project (TDP)—Fall 2017
Students will work in groups (5 members) to design a short (2 to 4-hour) training program for an organization. Student
groups can approach organizations where they work, volunteer, organizations, or other organizations that the student
group thinks may have a need to develop or redesign a training program.
The four components are:
a. Assess training needs using a needs assessment.
b. Design an Instructional Plan for training that includes materials, objectives, and methods for delivery.
c. Suggest ways to support training transfer.
d. Identify how training outcomes should be evaluated.
Written Paper:
The deliverables for the project are aligned with your course reading/topics (Chapters 3-6) and the group will
present the project in a written paper and a presentation.
The final project will include the paper addressing the four components above, plus the reference list, and a
PowerPoint presentation.
The paper should be between 10-12 pages, double-spaced, APA style for grammar and format. The title page and
reference page are not included in the count. The format to follow for writing the paper is provided below.
The final review and a grade will be assigned after student groups submit a copy of the final project paper (one
paper per group) to the instructor before the project presentations.
Groups will present their final TDP presentation during the class before the last class. Each group will make a
short presentation about the selected group project.
The contents of the presentation should be a summary presentation of the group’s written paper (noted above), as
well as a
“reflections” section.
You are strongly encouraged to include in your presentation information which you learned during the course,
i.e., terminology, models.
All members must participate in the presentation.
Grading Rubric:
Please use these requirements as your guide/checklist for the preparation of your paper and presentation.
The instructor will use the following as a guide for reviewing and grading the paper and presentation.
HRD 3340: Fall 2017—TDP Expectations/Instructions

Written Paper Content
Required sections were specifically addressed:
Part I/heading: Project introduction
Name of the organization/company and why you selected the company as the subject
of your project, i.e., what problem do you want to fix with the training? Include a brief
background (size, products, market share) and identify the performance issue.
Part II/heading: Address the four components
Needs assessment
Training instructional plan, including training methods
Training materials and delivery method (e-learning or traditional)
Part III/heading: Reflection on Project Experience and Group Participation
Building the team
Participation by individual team members
Final project review—how did the project experience work for your team?
Written Paper Format and Style
Transition statements were used to connect ideas and paragraphs.
Final draft submitted electronically in Blackboard.
Effective, formal and professional writing style.
Correctly used APA (6th edition) to cite references (in-text and on reference page) and
to format paper.
No spelling or grammatical errors.
Appropriate use of white space.
Effective use of headings and other emphasis techniques.
Oral Presentation
Required sections were specifically addressed.
Presenters provided an introduction and summary to the presentation.
Presenters were organized and well-prepared.
Handouts were provided to instructor and audience members.
Presentation media was visible, organized, and appropriate for media type and
Presenters explained ideas clearly, giving support when needed.
Presenters effectively answered questions from audience and instructor (10% total for
all bullet-points listed above).
Presenters used an extemporaneous delivery style that included something other than
just PowerPoint-style information sharing (10%).
Total /100

The final project must also be submitted through to your team’s folder in Blackboard, plus a hard copy to the instructor.
The grade for the group will also include a peer evaluation that each individual will complete for the other members in
his/her group. The peer evaluation will be discussed in more detail later.

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