Full industrial valuation report

25 Oct

USB242 Assessment 3: Report Brief
Full valuation report

The report is a full valuation report on 457 Tufnell Road Banyo

Assignment weighting: 50% of your overall grade

Full industrial valuation report

Due Date:                  Monday 25th of October 2017



The overall aim is to produce a valuation report of a professional standard on an industrial property.

At the completion of this assignment you will have achieved the following outcomes:

  • Demonstrated property research skills;
  • Demonstrated property market analysis skills;
  • Demonstrated an understanding of the valuation process and the application of appropriate valuation methodologies;
  • Demonstrated ability in professional written communication; and
  • Demonstrated understanding of the industrial property sector.


Students can undertake this assignment in a group of 2 or individually. Under no circumstances will students be permitted to work in a group exceeding 2 students.

It is important that each team member understands and has practiced the capitalisation calculations. When completing your assignment in pairs you will need to each separately undertake the capitalisation calculation. You will then come together to agree and finalise the valuation calculations for the final version of the valuation report. If completing in pairs each team member is required to make a submission to turnitin.

Team member 1 will submitthe completed valuation report which contains a cover sheet with both team members names included. Both team members are to sign the valuation figure. Team member 2 will submit the individual capitalisation calculations that have been attempted by each team member and each team member’s field notes. A coversheet with both student names is to be included in this submission as well. This should be in pdf form and valuation calculations should be handwritten. Please note that these calculations are a first draft and may differ from the calculations in the final report submission.

Submit your assignment on time via turnitin or receive a grade of 1 – 0%. QUT has introduced an assignment submission policy which is in line with professional expectations in the property industry. If you submit your assignment late you will receive 0%. If you are experiencing difficulties in completing your assignment you should submit the work that you have done to date to be marked against the criteria. In addition you may be eligible to apply for an extension through student services before the due date.

Assignment Topic:

QUT leases an industrial property off Tufnell Road, Banyo. Details of the lease and the property are provided. The lease is over two adjoining community title properties each of which is self-contained having a separate office, kitchen and toilet facilities. You are to value the property on the basis that the current tenant occupies both buildings as a single holding.

Please refer to the rental information given in completing this valuation.

You are required to prepare a comprehensive report of a professional standard that is in keeping with the API Professional Practice Standards.

General Notes:

  1. You will be given guidance during lectures regarding sources of market information.
  2. You will be required to undertake the valuation using at least two approaches to valuation one of which must be the income capitalisation method.
  3. A discussion of relevant building details will be undertaken at the site visit as well as in lectures.
  4. You are required to complete this assignment with academic integrity. There may be consequences if you engage in any academic misconduct. Please refer to the Academic Integrity Kit on the Blackboard site.
  5. Not all relevant valuation or market information will be provided by the unit lecturer. A certain degree of initiative and investigative skill is required to complete this valuation exercise. In an actual valuation situation it is usual that not all information is provided directly to the valuer. Therefore, to make this as industry real as possible not all information will be provided to you. Your ability to interpret market data, analyse market information and to follow valuation practices and standards will form a significant proportion of the final assignment mark.
  6. Please refer to the marking rubric in the preparation of this assignment.
  7. Submit your assignment via Turnitin by the due date.

Assignment Instructions:

It is envisaged that you will produce a full written valuation report that is prepared in accordance with industry best practice and in accordance with the API Professional Practice Standards. Valuation report format and headings will be discussed in more detail during lectures and on the site visit. It is crucial that you ensure that these additional directions are obtained prior to the preparation of the final report.

  1. this is not a static brief. In accordance with professional practice you may be given additional information in lectures, at the site visit and on blackboard. Attendance at lectures and the site visit will ensure that you perform optimally in this assessment task.

During lectures the major headings that should be included in the report will be covered and these headings will also be made available on Blackboard. Students will also be able to access industrial property valuation reports at the Queensland Valuers Registration Board. These sources provide more than adequate information to understand the valuation methodology required as well as the structure and format of an industrial property valuation report.

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