24 Oct




Fall, 2017


The Wall Street Journal will be used as a text supplement and will be the basis of the term project.  Each student must have access to the WSJ in order to complete the assigned project.


Each student will choose two companies within the same industry to track during the fall semester.  Throughout the semester, you will be required to evaluate the two companies’ activities across multiple disciplines including management, marketing, and finance.  You will be asked to review articles in the WSJ which deal with the two companies selected.  The term project will include the following sections:


  • Historical development of the two companies


  • A current comprehensive strategic (SWOT) and financial analysis of the companies



  • Comparing the two companies in terms of managerial and financial decisions and other events that impact their respective stock prices


  • Future direction of the industry and the two companies in the industry


Overall, the term project asks you to track your selected companies in the WSJ and other sources you may have access to, to keep article summaries on the two companies and to address the issues identified above in the analysis of the two companies.


Papers are due on the Friday of the last week (Dec.8, 2017) of the FallSemester.  Your paper should be typewritten, single or double spaced, and follow proper report writing procedures (proper spelling, grammar, etc.)  the use of headings, subheadings and summaries are encouraged.  Ten points will be subtracted for each day it is late.  A hard copy of the paper must be submitted.


All written work submitted by an individual implies that it was his/her work. All assistance received or reference obtained should be documented in accordance with good and established reporting practices.  Papers will be graded on both content and grammar with a possible total of 100 points.  As you have questions, make an appointment with the instructor.  Paper length should be 10-12 pages.



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