Personal & Professional Development

24 Oct

Assessment Brief for Assignment 1 (Ethics Essay)

Module Title: Personal & Professional Development
Module Code: B9MG122
Module Leaders: Eileen Corrigan (

Eddie McConnon (

Stage (if relevant):  
Assessment Title: Ethics Essay
Assessment Number (if relevant): 1
Assessment Type: Academic Essay
Restrictions on Time/Length : 1,500 words
Individual/Group: Individual
Assessment Weighting: 40%
Issue Date: Sept 2017
Hand In Date: 10th November 2017
Planned Feedback Date: December 2017
Mode of Submission: Moodle


ASSESSMENT TASK                         


Critically evaluate the competing influences on ethical behaviour in organisations. Support your discussion with reference to appropriate academic research and organisational examples.



Assessment Criteria


Area % of Available Marks
1.      Critical discussion about the competing influences on ethical behaviour in organisations. 40
2.      Well structured, coherent argument.


3.      Evidence of identifying and using adequate and appropriate academic sources productively. 30
4.      Presentation (referencing, grammar, spelling, word count, etc.) and clarity







General Assessment Submission Requirements for Students:


  1. Online assignments must be submitted no later than the stated deadline.


  1. All relevant provisions of the Assessment Regulations must be complied with.


  1. Extensions to assignment submission deadlines will be not be granted, other than in exceptional circumstances. To apply for an extension please go to and download the Assignment Extension Request Form.


  1. Students are required to retain a copy of each assignment submitted, and the submission receipt.


  1. Assignments that exceed the word count will be penalised.


  1. Students are required to refer to the assessment regulations in their Student Guides and on the Student Website.


  1. Dublin Business School penalises students who engage in academic impropriety (i.e. plagiarism, collusion and/or copying). Please refer to the attached referencing guidelines for information on correct referencing.


Include an electronic cover sheet with the following details to the front of the assignment:
Electronic Assignment Cover Sheet

Please fill out and attach as the first page of Assignment.

Student (s) Number as per your student card:

____________________________                                  __________________________

____________________________                                  __________________________


Course Title:


Lecturer Name:


Module/Subject Title:


Assignment Title:


Note:   Technical support is available to student between 0930- 1700 hrs only.  There is no technical support after 1700 hrs. It is your responsibility to ensure that you allow time to troubleshoot any technical difficulties by uploading ealy on the due date.

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