Multiple Intelligences

24 Oct

Multiple Intelligences


Have you ever wonder why some students wereexcellence in some certain part while other does not? Some students grab thing easily while some are repetitions needed. That because — they born possessing with some intelligences. This means that each students will have his or her own strength and weakness. According to Howard Gardner in 1983 came up with the concept of multiple intelligences that he put in his book “Frames of Mind.” Gardner states that individuals are gifted differently and instructors should not determine the intelligence of a student based on their success on one criterion. He continues to state that some students would excel on some criteria while they perform poorly on others but this should be interpreted that the individuals are gifted differently. Students who excel in Mathematical, Bodily-kinesthetic, and Interpersonal intelligences do particularly well in school.

Gardner describes an individual that possess verbal-linguistic intelligence as one that can understand languages and words. Such an individual has a prowess in writing and reading. The ability to make connections with words allows the individual to be fond of activities that would allow them to be creative (Gardner, 2011). I find that languages are easier to understand and important in school. Without understanding languages and words, it would be hard for an individual to excel in school. One has to rely on language to complete the assignments given at school. Moreover, it is through understanding language and words that an individual can communicate with others. Verbal-linguistic intelligence helps an individual to make connection with other people in school and the society. Therefore, possessing this intelligence does not only help an individual to understand class materials but also to socialize.

Possessing Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence would also aid in excelling in school. Moreover, an individual with this intelligence has a great sense of physical action as well as timing. The intelligence helps people to excel in areas such as sports, acting, dancing and other activities that require one to be in control of their movements. Physical activity helps an individual to remain healthy and active. Possessing this intelligence will lead to one having a balance between school work and play. Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence allows an individual to become fully aware of their capabilities both in class and in the field.

Individual’s that possess interpersonal intelligence understand other people’s feelings and find it easy to make friends. Gardner states that people that possess this type of intelligence can be said to be extroverts but he denies this and states that this intelligence helps individuals to communicate effectively with others (Gardner, 2011). Interpersonal intelligence will help me to understand people and their behavior. In a class setting, I can rely on this intelligence to form lasting relationships that I can use in future. Moreover, I can link up with other people to form discussion groups where we would help each other with assignments.

Gardner states that an individual’s intelligence should be based on eight criteria instead of one. He states that students should be encouraged to focus on the criteria that enhance their performance. He observes that students do possess different abilities but they are all important for one to be successful. In order to succeed in school, I would apply verbal-linguistic, Bodily-kinesthetic and interpersonal intelligences.




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