Module 1 Questions

24 Oct

Module 1 Questions
1. Should an organisation only focus of ideas which have large payoff’s and are radical changes to the industry they work within?
2. Why is management innovation and a portfolio as critical as innovation skills?
Module 2 Questions
1. Can disruptive innovation be digital innovation as well?
2. How can digital innovation support the different product lifecycle phases ?
3. What is the danger with digital innovation during the initial phases as outlined by the Hype Curve intersecting with the Technology Adoption Curve ?
Module 3 questions
1. Like the product lifecycle, can organisational growth be affected through digital innovation?
2. What type of digital innovation could support an organisation moving from creativity to direction?
Module 4 Questions
1. Use the Mission Model canvas to assess a not for profit organisation.
2. For the same organisation use the Value Proposition Canvas to further expand on the customer issues.
Module 5 Questions
1. In a corporation how would you use Design Thinking to drive innovation?
2. From the different modes and methods, would you use all the modes and methods to develop a solution to a problem.
Module 6 Questions
1. Using the Business Readiness Assessment determine how ready the insurance industry is to the development of autonomous vehicles?
2. Using the Digital Innovation Managerial Framework and Diagnostic tool assess
• Uber’s Digital Innovation (Mobile App) to Black & White Taxis (Mobile App)
• Bank 1 Mobile Banking to Bank 2 Mobile Banking
Module 7 Questions
1. How does ethics and security impact the adoption of new technology / digital innovation ?
2. With the digital innovations founded in the sharing economy, how does this impact organisations?
Modules 10 Questions
1. How do companies determine what the minimal viable product is?
2. Why should organisation determine which features of a service are being utilized?
3. What is the importance of understanding the value chain


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