LING 113B: Overview of the Projects One Languag

24 Oct

LING 113B: Overview of the Projects One Language, Many VarietiesBackgroundThroughout this semester, we will discuss ways that every language has several varieties, often formed through the influence of such factors as geography, age, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, education, occupation, religion, etc. During the semester, you will be working on a research paper that explores one or more regional or ethnic dialects of a language or a minority language that you speak or have knowledge of. For example, English is a single language, but it is spoken very differently depending on whether the speaker is from London, Kingston, Los Angeles, or New Delhi. A good example of a minority language is Kurdish, which is spoken in Iran, Iraq, andTurkey, but not by the majority of people in those countries. Writing TaskYour final portfolio paper will be approximately 8-10 pages long. It will cover some required subtopics as well as some optional ones. Your final portfolio paper will have this general outline: I.IntroductionA.ThesisII.GeographyIII.history.Description A. Sounds- Cons, Vowels…B.Vocabulary C.HomophonesV.Optional Section: Religion/Age/Gender/ Ethnicity/ Class/ other topic with approval.Analysis/Conclusion Three different projects will help you approach this research paper in a step-by-step fashion. 1.Project MediumProject Medium is an Annotated Bibliography in which you will evaluate online sources for their credibility and analyze the rhetorical appeals used in each source. 2.Project SpaceIn Project Space, you will be exploring and analyzing the geographic and historical factors that influence the regional dialect/minority language you choose to research.3. Project TextIn Project Text, you will be describing the regional dialect/minority language itself. What are the sounds, words, and grammatical features that make it distinct? For example, how does this dialect compare with the variety taught in school? Are there perceptions of prestige or non-prestige with this variety? What is the current status of this variety? You will also complete the optional subtopic sections of your paper.

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