FD Aviation Management and Operations

24 Oct
COURSE TITLE: FD Aviation Management and Operations
MODULE TITLE:  Work Related Learning 3
ASSESSMENT TITLE: 1.       Regulation, compliance and conflict

2.       Conflict resolution

LEVEL / CREDIT:  5 / 20
ISSUE DATE:  Week 1 DEADLINE DATE:  Task 1 Week 8 – 50% weighting

                                 Task 2 Week 10 or 11 – 50% weighting


On successful completion of this module you will be able to…

A1. Knowledge & Understanding
Demonstrate a critical knowledge of the professional and/or statutory frameworks and guidance relevant to the sector.

B1. Cognitive Skills

Undertake analytical research

C1. Practical and Professional Skills
Evaluate how the workplace responds to legislative and current guidelines through policies and practice.
D1. Key Transferable Skills

Use communication methods relevant to the vocational sector.



There is often conflict in air transport organisations between the departments responsible for health, safety and security and the departments responsible for finance, customer service, operations and engineering.


Task 1 – Regulation, compliance and conflict (Written report 2,000 words)         

In relation to an organisation of your choice choose an area within the organisation that requires significant levels of compliance with industry regulation and/or statutory rules;

1.       Research and review the systems in place that ensure there are no lapses in compliance.

2.       Discuss in what areas there might be pressure from other departments within the organisation to relax this system of regulation and compliance and why the pressure to relax rules might occur.


Task 2 – Conflict resolution (15 minute individual presentation)

Devise a system of conflict resolution that might be used to solve the disputes arising from the above problems and present your findings. You will need to give examples of potential dispute and how the conflict might be resolved to the satisfaction of all concerned.


To ensure that researched data is accurate and balanced, multiple sources should be used. These may include; company data, industry journals, academic texts, CEO comments. All sources must be Harvard referenced.





Report submission procedures

You should note the following;


  1. You may submit a draft of part or all of your report for provisional feedback and comment, but it must be handed to the course lecturer no later than 3 weeks prior to the official hand-in date.
  2. Your report must be word processed, in a font size of ‘12’ and line spaced at 1.5 or 2.
  3. A Standard Coursework Cover Sheet that is completed in full and signed must accompany your report.




Delivery of WRL3

WRL3 is based on compliance with industry laws, regulations and recommended practices.  The majority of students have studied these issues previously and received detailed and specialist input from lecturers during those sessions.  Due to this factor and as students will be basing their reports and presentation on different air transport organisations most of the sessions will be workshop and tutorial style.


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