Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Management Guidelines – PART ONE

24 Oct

Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Management Guidelines – PART ONE

  • Word count 1000 words
  • Report Format
    • Title Page
    • Table of Content
    • Body (with headings and sub-headings)
    • Conclusion
    • Reference List
    • Appendices (put any supplementary information in appendices)
  • The purpose of the assignment (EVALUATEthe MARKET RESEARCH FOR YOUR BUSINESS IDEA) Students are NOT looking at outcomes but rather what their proposed research would be given the nature of their business idea).
  • You do not need a separate section for literature within the plan. Rather, you should add literature as necessary throughout the analysis.




This area sets the tone for the report – WHAT, WHY and HOW – you would need to include for example:

  • Start with some sizzle, USP slogan (what makes you special (be creative with your idea)
  • State the nature of the proposed business name

You are evaluating the importance of your potential market. Why this information is important given the nature of your business idea.

DO NOT DISCUSS ANY OUTCOMES. Only discuss why this information WILL be critical for your proposed idea.

  • Sole trader or other structure
  • Products or services offered
  • B2B / B2C


Marketing Analysis

Analysis of Market Situation (Take into consideration the following….)

  • Why is it important / necessary
  • Setting marketing objectives – (Focus on identifying what makes up the potential market and what you can use to choose the most attractive market)
  • Market Segmentation – (Identify potential basesfor segment in the market, e.g. Demographic, behaviour, geographic, etc.)
  • Market Target – (Identify potential segment attractiveness and target segment, e.g. criteria size, difference, money, accessible, etc.)
    • Focus on Customer Analysis – discuss who your potential customers are (Give an overview of the market size, growth and trends)
  • Market Positioning – (Discuss what is the potential positioning of the target market, illustrating the potential market overview)
    • Focus onCompetitor Analysis – discuss who your potential competitors are – both direct and indirect (List their strengths and weaknesses along with the potential market share also)



Having evaluated the literature, give a final summation of the overall rationale for the idea(NO NEW POINTS HERE).



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