Eng 112: Argument Writing

24 Oct

Eng 112: Argument Writing

Paper 2: Researched Argument of a Higher Education, Specific Concern


Remember and apply proper writing strategies for essay development

Remember and apply proper grammatical rules to all sentences in essay

Understand and analyze audience and purpose for assignment, writing details accordingly
Understand and apply MLA 8th ed guidelines for documentation of all sourced material

Evaluate all drafts and revise for content and clarity

Create a unique essay, non-plagiarized which satisfies all conditions of this assignment

Create an essay in which you apply formal research methods to construct a logical and sound argument in which you define and defend a position relevant to the world of higher education , potentially one that can connect to your understanding (without the informal use of the “I” pronoun) of life as a college student. To begin this essay, you will want to read the essay in Ch. 16 in They Say/ I Say.

Your job is to create an argument in which you convince the reader of a real-world position you hold within a your specific focus; ideally, you’ll be able to connect your focus to life as a college student to ground the discussion. You will show the validity of your argument through a full and developed view of the issue.

Your argument needs a clearly defined audience, thesis, and concrete support, and must be fallacy free, grammatically clean, and logically arranged.   You will choose the format of the essay (Toulmin, Rogerian, Standard) and note the form of the argument in one of the four lines of your header. You will be graded not just on content, source inclusion, and essay structure, but also on your ability to stick to the argument form you have chosen.

Your essay is to be focused on an issue in higher education, stemming from our reading in Ch. 16, but also what you can realistically deal with in 5 full pages – 7 pages. You need to prove your details logically and forcefully, relying on outside sources for no more 20-25% of the writing; the bulk of the essay must come from you before you even begin your source inclusion. You must be able to show,in 5 full pages min -7 full pages max, your position on a local, everyday level and why.   Make sure you do prewriting techniques to ensure you have chosen a topic that can be discussed in the allotted space.  All topics are to be approved before drafting begins; branch out larger than complaining about textbook prices, to maybe why ereaders would help students make more helpful notes, for instance. Or look at your chosen major: what is the value of this major to the community in which you choose to live and work? What can you bring to your community with your education?

 Things NOT to do: argue that student-athletes should be paid; argue that grades should be easier; argue that tuition should be free; argue that college is hard.

Sources for this assignment: 4 sources from our databases, and none from the web. This is a scholarly paper and the sources need to uphold the standards of quality we require in all academic work. No more than 25% of the paper should be given over to your sources, but don’t fail to support your ideas with outside help. All arguments benefit from research.

The essay should run a minimum of 5 full pages, no longer than 7 pages, should include a Works Cited page, and must adhere to the standards of MLA documentation style.  Any evidence of plagiarism, accidental or intentional, will be grounds for failure of the assignment and the course. Third person objective works best for this type of assignment.

Due Dates: 11/2 noon



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