Assignment #6:

24 Oct

Assignment #6:
Assignment #6: How is the HDI and GDP per capita related? Find 3 countries that are ranked
high in GDP per capita but low in HDI. Can you explain this?
Due October 25, 2017 (10 Points)

Ideas are developed
with abundant
evidence and clear
explanation and
interpretation tailored
to the audience.
Clear evidence of
extensive additional
Excellent connection
between the GDP per
capita and the HDI
Ideas are developed
with some research
evidence and
Explanation not
complete or some
ideas lack support.
Some research and a
small amount of
Some connection
between the GDP
and HDI
Ideas lack
sufficient evidence
and explanation.
No research and an
over-reliance on
the reader,
No connection
between the HDI
and GDP per

The paper is free or
almost free from
grammar and
punctuation errors.
The format of the
paper is correct.
The paper expresses
ideas clearly
The paper has
grammar and
punctuation errors,
but most errors are
Most of the
formatting is correct.
The paper expresses
ideas clearly but
with some informal
diction and overuse
of short sentences.
The paper has
many grammar and
punctuation errors.
There are serious
The paper includes
many informal
diction, quotations,
awkward wording,
and sentences


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