The Horrors of Slavery

23 Oct

Your goal is not to pull together random and unrelated topics from the collection, but to lead with a theme. An argument for example may zone in on religion, childhood, punishment, or gender. The paper should include an introduction in which you clearly state your claim and explain what facets of the first-person accounts motivated you to take this position. In the body of the paper, you are expected to support your claim. For example, if my argument was that the narratives shine a light on the maternal power revoked from slave women, the body of my paper would be organized into different parts. Each part will hold a different motivating factor. I may have three parts, one will discuss family separation, the other, limited child-rearing abilities, and the last one, child-abuse/mortality. I will include quotes from the collection and information provided by secondary sources (see below). In the conclusion you are expected to evaluate how and why this collection is useful in bringing about an understanding of slavery, as well as its limitations.

Parameters: 5 Pages, Double-Spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font – the page count does not include the Works Cited Page.

Sources: You are expected to cite all sources inside of the document using the Chicago Format or MLA, and include a Works Cited Page. The assignment requires that you use 3-4 secondary sources (academic peer-review journals or books) that do not include the course texts. These will be useful in supporting your argument.

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