Rhetorical Analysis Essay Reminders

23 Oct

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Reminders


  • The titles of films are italicized-Before the Flood. Be sure to italicize the title of the film each time that you mention it
  • Remember to state your thesis within the first paragraph-your thesis in this paper will discuss your thoughts on the effectiveness of the arguments made in the film
  • It is extremely important that you explain your thoughts about the effectiveness of the argument -if you felt the film did a poor job explaining something, etc-Tell me why and use examples to support those points
  • Be as specific as possible when stating your points, and be sure to use examples from the film; they don’t need to be direct quotes, but they should be very specific examples Avoid summary!!!
  • Avoid discussing your opinion of the issue!!!
  • The opinion you include in this essay will be about how the argument was presented.
  • Be sure to discuss ethos, pathos, logos, tone, style, etc.
  • Include a works cited page for the film; here is the MLA formatted citation for the film:


Stevens, Fisher, Director. Before the Flood. Leonardo Dicaprio, National Geographic, 2016, Accessed 4 Oct. 2017

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