Individual Assignment

23 Oct

Individual Assignment (20%)

Instruction: Select ONE (1) topic below.

  1. Trade barriers and the World Trade Organization (WTO) – How do developing countries respond to that?
  2. Examine the linkage between International Trade and Malaysian Economy. How might this affect Malaysia’s Balance of Payments since 2000?
  3. Examine the role of GATT in promoting international trade and why was it replaced by the World Trade Organization (WTO). How might the accession of China to WTO since 2001 impact the world’s economy?
  4. Discuss the economic and trade conflicts between U.S and the European Union (EU).
  5. Do floating exchange rates cause financial instability? Discuss.
  6. International trade and environmental sustainability – What are the prospects for the future?

This individual assignment should be submitted according to the following format:

  • The assignment MUST be typed in Microsoft Words and printed out for submission. Hand-written assignment will be penalized accordingly.
  • NO presentation is required. Score for this Individual Assignment depends on the richness of the content discussed and whether overall layout of your assignment is presentable.
  • Cover Page (i.e. title, subject code and section, student’s name and ID).
  • Limit your report to 10 – 15 pages. Maximum number of pages is 15 but not more than that.
  • Page Numbering
  • Appendix (if applicable)
  • References using APA-style
  • Times New Roman (font size 12)
  • Line spacing 1.5 and AUTO
  • Individual’s ideas and original work is highly required. Plagiarism SHALL BE REJECTED and your assignment will be given zero.
  • Late Submission Is NOT Accepted.
  • Submission Deadline for Individual Assignment is1st November 2017.
  • Comb-binding your assignment if possible.

***********The End**********

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