Video Paper 3

22 Oct

Video choices: – The White Helmets (Syria) – Born in ’48 (Palestine and Israel) – The Hajj with Michael Wolfe (Saudi Arabia) – Preparing for the World Cup (Qatar)


Key Terms:





Economic diversification

Female seclusion

Fertile crescent

Fossil fuel

Gulf states









Occupied Palestinian Territories

OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries)

Ottoman Empire


Qur’an (or Koran)



Seawater desalination

Secular states


Shi’ite (or Shi’a)


Theocratic states


West Bank barrier




You are responsible to choose and watch one of the Video stories from the list provided above and then write an essay (min: 500 words) in which you discuss the story in light of the information presented in your text.  In your essay, you should demonstrate that you have watched the video and that you have read the text.


Please note that you must use at least three (3) terms from the chapter in which the country is discussed.


Note that the terms you use must be found in bold print throughout the chapter.  Please highlight or make bold each term you choose.


In addition to using the term correctly in your essay, you must type out the term and then type out the definition from the text at the conclusion of your essay.  The page number on which the term is found in the textbook must be given!  Use in-text citation format.


Please note that these definitions at the end of the paper DO NOT count towards the minimum 500-word requirement.


Your body paragraph(s) must also include a reference to geographical information found in a specific section (or paragraph) in the textbook which has direct significance for the video you are analyzing.  The page number of the section or paragraph must be noted.  Use MLA in-text citations.  A quote (typed out sentence) from the textbook is required.


Also note that NO VIDEO papers will be accepted for any reason after the due date has passed.  No late work is accepted in this course for any reason.

Grading Rubric:

  Possible Points
Does the essay accurately and completely describe the main features of the video watched?  Are individual scenes in the video referenced?  Is information only available from watching the video included? Is it evident from the essay that the student watched the video? 3 points
Does the essay utilize higher level critical thinking skills by analyzing the video story and discussing its importance for understanding the world in which we live? 4 points
Does the essay use and define at least three terms (from the terms in bold in the chapter) that are found in the assigned chapter of the text? Are these terms appropriate to the story?  Are the terms highlighted (or made bold) in the paper?  Is it obvious that the student is thinking through the video story in light of the major themes of the chapter in the choice of terms? 1.5 points per term = 4.5 points
Are the terms listed at the end of the paper and are they correctly defined? Is the original page number on which the term is used in the textbook given at the end of the definition using in-text MLA citations? 1.5 point per term = 4.5 points
Does the essay refer to geographical information found in a specific section or paragraph in the textbook (utilizing in-text MLA citations) which has specific reference to the video?  Is the geographical information correctly and completely explained? 5 points
Does the essay include a quote (fully typed out sentence) from the textbook that applies to the video?  Is in-text citation (MLA) provided? 4 points
Note that points will be deducted if any of the following are missing:
Is the essay written with good grammar and spelling?  Does it meet the minimum length requirements?
Does it contain an academic heading with the student’s name?
Does the essay meet the minimum length requirements (500 words)?
Does the essay include correct MLA citations both for the video and the textbook?


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