22 Oct

Analysis of Housing Issue
Due Date: November 2
Suggested # of pages: 15 – 20
Inclusive of Table of Contents, Charts, Graphs, Maps, and an Executive Summary.
Format: APA Style
Housing Analysis Project –
Through this exercise, you will demonstrate your project
management skills as well as your ability to work with a team. You will be providing a
comprehensive analysis of housing-related data for a California jurisdiction with a focus
on a housing issue that you deem worthy of examination, the issue can be a very
specific housing issue such as affordability of housing or it could be an issue that is
directly linked to housing, such as a city’s inability to attract industry due to housing
stock. You have the freedom to position the “problem,” keeping in mind that the
supporting evidence you provide supports your argument. Your analysis will be
submitted by each group and each group will conduct a formal presentation.
In thinking about your problem, you’ll want to review data that helps you to develop a
conceptual framework, which will undergird your work going forward. The following is
offered as a process to help you frame the problem:
Preliminary Conceptualization of the Problem
Identify and define a housing-related problem in the community you desire to study.
For example:
Due to shortage of housing, the area is unable to attract ‘certain residents’ who
might contribute to the area’s need for ??
The homelessness rate is County X is five times the rate of the state average.
This situation creates __________.
What is the evidence that substantiates this as a problem?
Quantitative – stats, Census
Qualitative – media, interviews, observation
What forces are currently working towards problem resolution / worsening the problem?
Economic forces
Government / Regulatory environment
Recently approved or pending legislation
Community based organizations
Citizen groups
Special interests

Developing your conceptual framework, will enable your to properly analyze the housing
issue. This is essentially what you will present on paper. The outline below is offered as
a suggestion on items to be included in your paper. Your goal is to include data and
discussion points that illuminate the issue you have chosen to discuss.
Description of community/city
Historical overview
Demographics (race/ethnicity, age)
Median income
Poverty level
Educational attainment
Cost Burden
Household characteristics
Housing tenure
Homeownership v rental
Special Needs Housing
Housing projections
Issue Areas Impacted by Housing (or vice versa)
Gentrifying neighborhoods
Conceptualization of problem
Framework – equity, environmental, economic, social justice, fiscal responsibility
High-level Analysis of what is exacerbating the problem and how
Towards Solutions
Analysis of progress towards resolving issues
Current legislation to address issue
Bills for consideration
Best practices in other communities

You may find the following list of existing resources useful as they provide much of the
data needed to situate your problem and develop your analysis. Suggestions are listed
U.S. Census:
EXAMPLES of Housing Analysis Documents
California’s Housing Future
Erickson, Chapter 4 – Lessons Learned from What Was Built provides 8 case studies of
successful affordable housing developments
Schwartz, Chapter 10 – Housing for People with Special Needs
Also, for specific information about your problem city, Google the name of the city that
you have chosen to analyze along with the phrases “housing element” and “housing
needs assessment”

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