Essay Prompt Requirements:

22 Oct

Essay Prompt Requirements:

  • Close to or meeting 600 words (but not exceeding)
  • Flows like a story
  • Start off with a specific incident when I was younger and felt the need to choose to not act like a girl (hated pink, loved blue, tried to be a tomboy, was bullied for wearing two braided pig tails to school by fellow girls in 4th/5th grade)
  • My experiences growing up and my definition of feminism being stereotypical, combined with my immigrant experience as an Indian (women should be able to work, women should be independent, etc.)(can include other examples)
  • Then I started noticing double shift and standards around me (ex. Women having to work and do household chores, women being paid less, women being judged differently for having friends/partners of the opposite sex than men, being told that they can open their own doors (now that’s just rude. Respect still exists). (can be other examples), {how is this any different than before?}. Also, I noticed how in certain issues, it is the opposite (ex. Stay at home dads vs moms, male nurses only becoming a nurse because they couldn’t become a doctor, not allowed to show emotions, pressure to look and act a certain way, males being abused, rape posters for female victims only (males can get raped too), etc. (can use other examples). I learned it can be both ways
  • Include a part where I get the epiphany that changes my view on feminism
  • My involvement in issues that promote human (not gender) equality and involvement- (do not have to include all but here are some examples: student abolitionists stopping slavery, girl scouts, leo club, etc.; I am in math team and robotics, which are typically (and currently in my teams) male dominated)
  • Now talk about my change in perspective and values as a teen, and how I no longer see being like a girl as something to cherish and how I as a feminist am promoting equality through equitable (maybe talk about how this is different) means.
  • I am comfortable now with playing “into stereotypes” and “being labled” (rather than going away from them as I did when I was younger) because those do not define me- I define me.
  • Maybe reflect on looking back I picked on, not for my looks or race, or immigrant status, but for looking like an easy target for I was less self confident. No matter how accomplished or generic an individual might be, in order for others to look at them/up to them rather than looking down and belittling them, one must believe in themselves and have good self-esteem.
  • If it makes sense, include something like- Now I might be playing into the stereotypes as the Indian girl who likes math and is going into computer science, but what are labels anyway.
  • Maybe (not too good with conclusions) end with me being in a similar situation from when I was younger and reacting differently.


For reference, I am including a list of my extracurricular activities (do not have to be used).


  • * Math Team- 11th, 12th
  • * Robotics- 11th, 12th
  • * Class Officer- 9th, 11th (Public Relations)
  • * Model United Nations- 9th, 10th, 12th (Founded the club in WLHS this year)
  • * National Honor Society- 11th (Served as secretary), 12th
  • * National Junior Honor Society- 7th-9th (Served as a member of the leadership board in 9th grde)
  • * Girl Scouts- 2nd-12th (Silver Award, Leadership In Action Award, currently working on Gold Award)
  • * Connecticut Youth Forum Leadership Network- 9th-12th (Organized monthly meetings and Annual Student Exchange Event for CT Youth Forum, part of the Student Panelist Round table for CT Forum events, Welcome Back Speaker for CT Forum Religion in America event)
  • * LEO Club- 11th, 12th
  • * Student Abolitionists Stopping Slavery- 9th, 10th (Organized Abolitionists Fair, fund-raised money for Free the Slaves, and presented at a conference)
  • * High School Leadership Group- 8th-10th (Organized Latino Youth Festival and did community service projects like toy drive for Operation Christmas Child and
  • Ecuador Galapagos Island trip)
  • * Public Library Volunteer- 6th-11th
  • * Hindu Temple Volunteer- 10th
  • * Intern at CT Forum- 12th
  • * Intern at Michell Enterprises- 12th
  • * Graduate of International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program- 10th grade (Completed the IB version of the Capstone Project on diabetes and formed a club which educated others on the risks, care and prevention of diabetes)
  • * Choir- 5th-10th
  • * Varsity Cross Country- 9th
  • * Varsity Basketball- 10th grade (Started in 3rd grade, CRAL Champions)
  • * Cultural dances at Indian festival events- 3rd-10th
  • *Future Business Leaders of America (9th)


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