division analysis

22 Oct
Write an essay by the method of division or analysis using one or the following subjects:
1. The slang or technical terminology of a group such as stand-up comedians or computer hackers.
2. An especially bad movie, television show, or book.
3. A doll, game or other toy from childhood.
4. A typical TV commercial for a product such as laundry soap, deodorant, beer, a luxury car, or an economy car.
5. An appliance or a machine, such as a sound system speaker, a motorcycle, a microwave oven or a camera.
6. An organization or association, such as a social club. A sports league, or a support group.
7. The characteristic appearance of a rock singer or a classical violinist.
8. A year in the life of a student.
9. Your favorite poem.
10. A short story, an essay or another work that made you think.
11. The government of your community.
12. The most popular restaurant (or place of business) in town.
13. The Bible.
14. A band or an orchestra.
15. A painting or statue.
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