What ​​factors ​​make​​ education​​ more​​likely ​​to ​​maintain ​​inequality?

21 Oct

Essay​​Prompt:​​ How ​​did​​ the ​​early​​ history​​(colonization/slavery)​​of ​​the ​​U.S.​​ shape​​the​​way students​​ of ​​color ​​were ​​educated​​(African ​​American​​and ​​Native ​​American)​​.​​How​​ does ​​the ​​U.S.​​educational​​ system ​​maintain​​ socioeconomic inequalities?​​​​​​What ​​factors ​​make​​ education​​ more​​likely ​​to ​​maintain ​​inequality?​​ What factors ​​make​​education​​ more ​​likely​​ to ​​promote ​​socioeconomic​​opportunities ​and ​​change the​​ system?

Introduction​- Thesis: What is your overall argument for this essay? What will you discuss in this essay? What
historical background is necessary? (evidence in intro also).
Body​ ​P​ ​1-​ ​How did the early history (colonization/slavery) of the U.S. shape the way students of color were
educated (African American and Native American) based on our reading and media. (this could be 1 or 2
Body​ ​P​ ​2​- How does the U.S. educational system​ maintain socioeconomic inequalities?
Body​ ​P​ ​3​- What factors​ ​(locally​ ​in​ ​schools)​ make education more likely to maintain inequality?
Body​ ​P​ ​4​-What factors make education more likely to promote socioeconomic opportunities and change the
Conclusion​: Get creative do not repeat what you have already said. Why does this history teach us? How has
this impacted education today? Why should urban education be important to all of us?

i have to use evidence from the readings that the prof gave us in class so u have to use only reading for evidence an statics she wants numbers too. i have all the reading in a link so just provide me with your email so i can send it to you it’s 6 reading only.

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