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Assessment 2 –International Marketing Proposal – Projectand Presentation



Due Date: Your completed International Marketing Proposal must be submitted directly with the lecturer in class in week 14prior to your group presentations in week 15. Late submissions will not be accepted without prior approval.


Weighing: 40% (Report 35% + Oral Presentation 5%) (Group mark is 25% and individual mark is 75%)


Type: Group with Individual components.


Submission: Hand in a hard copy of the proposal report and presentation slides after your final critique session in week 14 to the lecturer. Ensure that your assessment has both your names and student ID numbers clearly and securely attached; ensure that you have a back-up copy of your project.


Requirements: As a group you are expected to develop anInternational Marketing Proposal.


You have been asked by a small to medium size New Zealand manufacturing business to establish an export market in a South American region for their high end/high quality/speciality rangeof natural based products (i.e. health or cosmetic products). The products should claim to be free of chemical sprays and heavy metals. The products are from ingredients which can be easily traced from source to consumer.


The business has $100,000.00 to spend on the marketing effort for the launch. You have been asked to account for all marketing expenditure in your detailed budget.


Your proposal at the presentation in week 15 has to be overwhelmingly convincing that it can achieve at least NZ $1 million of sales ex New Zealand in the first year of trading.


The range of high end/high quality/speciality products will need to tell a story from source to store and the story will need to be part of the communication strategies.


The following tasks need to be considered in conjunction with the marking guidelines for each of the 10 proposal components:-

  1. Provide a clear description of your product range. Critique the existing business on the basis of its existing production, financial and marketing capabilities along with the chosen business current exporting experience.


  1. When choosing the South American region (or sub region of a major city) provide strong rationale for choosing this region. This may include a wide range of market intelligence pointing to exporting success on your chosen region and 10 substantial benefits this region offers the New Zealand business.


  1. Identify only the cultural components of the region that are relevant to your product range.


  1. Identify information that will reduce risks (short and long term) in establishing an export business in this region. How easy it will be to gain entry over the border, how stable politically and economically the region is and is their currency likely to wildly fluctuate against the $US or $NZ?


  1. Provide only relevant and critical pieces of market segmentation profiling, competitive analysis, consumer behaviour analysis (including where and how products are consumed, where they are purchased, why they are purchased, how much influence word or mouth, reference group leaders and opinion group leaders have, which media sources the market segment(s) is(are) exposed to, etc.)


  1. Your group is not likely to find all the critical information for the success of the project. Identify gaps in knowledge that could put the project at risk and how (if you had more time and resources) you would go about obtaining this vital information.


  1. The long term global strategies for the New Zealand business will help guide the types of strategies you will propose for exporting to this region.
  • Are you taking “a cross-cultural approach” or an “intercultural approach”?
  • What sorts of business relationships would you establish and how will you manage the business in South America?
  • What will be your overall business model in this region?
  • What are your objectives around profit levels and social responsibility?
  • What are your strategies around distribution, digital media, marketing support and product points of difference in the market place to attract customers?


  1. Provide a clear set of recommendations on what you are proposing for how you will undertake all elements of the marketing mix in the region, considering:-
  • a rational for your choice of distributor/sales approach.
  • terms of trade and pricing structure (with supporting rationale and supported with “marketing tactics” as footnotes).
  • an A3 size in store poster (with supporting rationale).
  • a 10 second advertisement for YouTube and movie theatres (with supporting rationale).


  1. The presentation will involve all students in the group and will go for a maximum of 20 minutes. The presentation must be able to convince the lecturer (who will act as the New Zealand business CEO/owner) that:-
  • risks have been minimised through obtaining relevant information critical to the success of the venture.
  • your NZ $100,000.00 has been spent to gain maximum impact in the market place.
  • you can achieve at least NZ $1 million of sales in the first year of trading.
  • long term profitability can be achieved.
  • business strategies proposed are consistent to the New Zealand business you have chosen and its long term global strategies.


(Note: the presentation is your Executive Summary)


  1. The International Marketing Proposal needs to look professional and sharp.



The following General Grading System will be used for marking all sections:

  • Not performed

1-2:         Token gesture only, lacking substance, inadequate

3-4:         Below an acceptable standard, or some parts performed OK but incomplete

5-6:         Reasonable, minimum acceptable standard achieved, some parts may have been actioned to a good standard but other aspects are poor or missing.

7-8:                 Good to very good; met requirements; could improve by increasing depth i.e. better application to the example – overall a high standard.

9-10:       Very good to excellent – exceeded requirements, demonstrated good research skills, some aspects may have been clearly superior to peers, and scores of 10 reflect work that is well above the standard of peers.


Sections and Lengths:-

  • Title page
  • Table of contents
  • Sections (no more than 25 pages)
  • No appendix
  • References (are required for sections 1 to 5)
  • Presentation (worth 10%)


Written Project Presentation Style:

A maximum of 25 pages excluding references.


Oral Project Presentation Format:

Presentations are limited to 20 minutes per group including Q & A, Power points, DVD’s, Videotapes, audiotapes, posters and or CD’s can be used. Your presentation is scheduled in Week 15.



  • Each group needs to develop a task sheet, a time line for tasks to be completed and which group members have contributed to each task.This needs to be attached to the proposal.
  • The Global Marketing Proposal needs to be presented to the lecturer for preliminary critiquing in week 11.




The proposal will evaluate marketing, pricing, distribution, promotion, product and digital development decisions as well as critiquing the business for exporting capabilities. Briefings will be provided in class each week covering each section of the project. Marks will be allocated on the basis of 25% for group effort and 75% for individual effort. The individual marks will be based on the lecturer’s observations each week in the group meetings and at the presentation.



  1. Choose a New Zealand product to export. Critique the existing business. 5

(2 pages)


  1. Choose a region to export to and provide rational. 5

(2 pages)


  1. Undertake a cultural analysis of the region 10

(3 pages)


  1. Critique the region for ease of border entry, economic, political, population, currency andonline behaviour

(3 pages)                                                                                                                                10


  1. Identify consumer behaviour characteristics in the region 15

(4 pages)


  1. Indicate gaps in knowledge and ways these gaps can be closed through research

approaches                                                                                                                           10

(1 pages)


  1. Develop a long term global strategy and showing how this region fits

into the overall strategy                                                                                                       10

(2 pages)


  1. Make recommendations for marketing, pricing, distribution, promotion, and

product decisions                                                                                                                          20

(8 pages)


  1. Presentation in class and overall project design 10

(2 slides per presenter)


  1. Overall project design 5




Note: the suggested page limit is a maximum number of pages per section; the proposal cannot exceed 2

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