Final network security

21 Oct

Assignment 1
Task 1:(3 marks)
Identify the vulnerabilities involved in the following network applications protocol
DNS – Domain Name Service
WEP – Wireless Equivalent Protocol
SMTP – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
Task 2 (3 marks)
In which way, the following cryptographic technologies are used to achieve the network
security: Confidentiality, Authentication and Integrity.
X.509 Digital Certificates
VPN – Virtual Private Network
SSL/TLS – Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security
Task 3: (4 marks)
You need to list all the steps and command lines used to
Create a Private Network shown in Figure 1 by using the virtualisation
technology (software may be used is VMPlayer or VirtualBox)
Install the OpenSSL toolkit and build a CA on your computer if not available
Task 4: ( 2 marks )
A set of possible topics for the project are recommended here, from which you may choose
one to be your research project topic of assignment 3.
Secure Outlook Email system by Encryption and Authentication
Creating a Secure web server using the X.509 Digital Certificates
Secure a private network using the Virtual Private Network technology
Using iptable to implement a Linux Firewall to protect a private network.
Implementing Role Based Access Control by XACML in distributed systems.
© University of Southern Queensland
6 CSC8421 – Network security
Assignment 2
Task 1 (10 marks)
What is Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA)?
The objective of this task is to use DSA to verify the integrity of a message. Here are the
generate a RSA private/public key pairs, send the public key via email to the lecturer
and make a request of a signed and encrypted message. (note that never reveal your
private key to anybody)
download a set of DSA parameters and the lecturer’s public key from CSC8412
course web page
decrypt the encrypted message and then verify the signed message.
You need to list out all parameters details of your public key, then include the decrypted
message and the result of verification in your submission.
Task 2 (10 marks)
What are Digital Certificates? How to generate X.509 Digital Certificates?
We assume that the lecture is a well-known Certificate Authority (CA). Here are the
Create a CSR, and send it to the lecture via email, the lecturer will send you with a
signed certificate shortly after the receival of your request.
Extract some information about the Certificate issuer such as Who is the subject?
who is issuer, when the certificate expire? What are the subject’s and issuer’s public
You have to include the contents of your CSR in the text format, and list all out the extracted
information from the signed certificates, instead of an output listing or a screen capture of
the certificate in your submission.
Task 3: (4 marks)
This research project is an implementation of the topic chosen in your Assignment 1. You are
expected to write a draft description of the implementation activities, which is abut 3-4 pages
long. In your submission, you
Explain the vulnerability of the network security in your research topics or possible
attacks which adversaries might launch.
Set up an experiment platform using VirtualBox – a computer network or a private
The protocols and/or algorithms you used in your research to achieve the security
How are you going to apply the security techniques learned to tackle the chosen
© University of Southern Queensland
CSC8421 – Network security 7
Assignment 3 (60 marks)
The objective of this assignment is to write a scientific report or a paper for journals. The
report Length is 4000–5000 words, about 20 pages long.
A scientific report normally describes the results of an experiment and/or sort of scientific
findings from a nature phenomenal. It can be a practical solution to a problem. Within the
context of this course, the report is about the topic of network security chosen in Assignment
1, and all the methods and techniques used in Assignment 2.
A scientific report consists of an abstract, and few sections as below, along with all
references. You may add more sections if necessary. Each of sections often begins with a
sentence describing the objective of the section, followed by more details of substances or
1. Introduction
2. Literature review
3. Method or solutions,
4. Experiments result/analysis
5. and future directions.
The assignment will assess your research skills. You should develop a deep understanding
through extensive reading and experimenting of your ideas/solution and then be able to
formulate your own view on the topic and organize your presentation in a logical way.
Marking criteria for assignment 3:

Criteria Marks/100
Extensive readings & Literature reviews 40 – 50
A deep understanding and well thought solution shown in the report in
addition to requirements for the above criteria
50 – 64
Having a logical and clear presentation, in addition to the requirements for
the above criteria
65 – 74
All the requirements of the above criteria with additional originality &
75 – 85
All the requirement of the above criteria with sensible result analysis 85 – 100

Note that
The project report must be written by you; any cut and paste from the Internet will be
deemed as plagiarism.
The submission of your report must be in PDF format.
© University of Southern Queenslan

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