Critical Analysis of Journal Article

21 Oct


Critical Analysis of Journal Article

Journal Article: Leadership emergence in multicultural teams: The power of global characteristics – AlonLisak, Miriam Erez 2015 (ATTACHED)

Length:900 words – 3 pages total.

Critical analysis of journal article on each page (equals 2 pages).

The third page should compare the critical analyses with one of the readings(DIVERSITY)from your selected topic.

Style and Format:

The critical analyses must be typed, standard format. 10-12-point font, 2.5 cm margins. All references in Harvard format. Each page requires reference for the relevant journal in correct Harvard format.

Your comments should focus on the way the journal article was useful in understanding your chosen topic – (DIVERSITY).

To complete this assessment:

  1. Select a topic – (DIVERSITY)
  2. Find ONE academic journal articles – (I have attached the article) related to your selected topic.
  3. Write a critical analysis for your selected academic journal article(s).
  4. Write a comparative summary of your selected article.
  5. Cite your articles correctly, being sure to include their electronic links (URL’s). This will allow your peer reviewer to access the articles you have chosen.
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