Argument Analysis Paper

21 Oct

Argument Analysis Paper


As you now know, an analysis looks to make sense of a particular piece of writing, to examine it, and to find its strengths and weaknesses (flaws). You have now learned about Logical Fallacies (flaws in argument), so as you can expect, you should be looking for logical fallacies in an argument, and identifying why they are wrong.


For this paper you will pick an argument made by anyone of your choosing. I recommend you look at the “argument” section in The New York Times or Huffington Post’s websites, or you can even examine a reading we have not covered in our book. You will analyze the argument of your choosing, and in particular, look for logical fallacies, among other argumentative terms we have covered so far in the course. By identifying logical fallacies, you will be able to perform an in-depth analysis.


Look back upon your notes for this unit, and the notes in our course documents. Think deeply.





  • This paper should be between 4-5 pages
  • It must examine logical fallacies, but would do well to look at many different argumentative terms
  • Proper formatting
  • This is due Sunday October 22 at 11:59 p.m.
  • This essay is worth 100 points.
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