Hosp 2011 Sales and Meeting Management Project

19 Oct

Hosp 2011 Sales and Meeting Management Project


You will be planning an event for_4____ nights and ___5____days. You must research a____4A’s____________________( corporation or association).This is the group you will be planning for. This will be determined by the Instructor. You will be assigned a state in which your event will be held. You must receive and/or create 2 sales kits from the 2 hotel sites you have chosen.

The purpose of this project is to give you an in-depth and practical insight into the meetings and convention industry.It gives you the opportunity to create an event as it relates to topics we discussed in class.

The more information, description and detail you provide, the better the grade.


Remember, you must complete the project in order to complete the course.


  • Must be 12 font, Times New Roman only, double spaced, left justified. 1″margins for all sides of the paper this is a professional report – that means a heading is not at the bottom of the page and the text on the next page!
  • Submit:
    • NO spelling, grammatical and/or punctuation errors
    • Poorly presented and/or written projects will not be graded and will receive a grade of zero.  QUALITY matters!
    • Your report is required to have a cover page, tabbed sections and submitted in a 3 ring binder.
    • Use  individual Headings under each section
    • Work cited page (the Internet/Google may not be the only source)

The sections you must address are as follows:

  1. Description of your association or corporation. (2-4 pages)
  2. Description of the 2 sites that you have chosen. (3-4 pages per site)

This is a complete and detailed property analysis. Address the location, size, price services, facilities and business cycleof each site *Tell Me, Don’t Sell Me*


III. Describe the reason you chose one site over another. (2-3 pages)

Address the group, the purpose of the meeting, and the differences you saw in Sect. 2.


  1. Agenda

The schedule of each day’s events and activities. Details and formatting is key!


  1. Function Sheets

See text for example


  1. Description of each day (3-4 pages per day)

This section takes into account the How and Why, you as a meeting planner, structured the day for all attendees. Address all of the elements that go into planning this event from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave.


The following is just a short list but not limited to what you need to consider.

 Registration, reservations, billing, room selection, function rm. set-up, food and beverage selection, meeting times and length, A/V requirements,excursions, spouse/children programs,etcetcetc

      Do not summarize your agenda. Remember explain what you did and why you did it. Explain your decision making process.


VII Budget

This is the final budget for the event. It is a very detailed account and breakdown of all of the expenses for the entire event.


VIII Reflection (2 page minimum)

This is where the student will critically think about the entire project as it relates to the event. The student will take into account the projects strengths as well as its weaknesses and what would the student do to correct it if the event was actually held.



Please Note:

*20% of your grade can be deducted per sales kit if it’s incomplete or missing from the project.

*Projects are kept on file in my office. Please make an appointment to view them.

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