Reflective Report for Contemporary Information Systems

18 Oct

Reflective Report for Contemporary Information Systems
Assignment 2B for Contemporary Information Systems
Semester 2, 2017
Due Date
This report is due no later than 4.30pm Friday, 20 October 2017.

Reflective Report 10 marks
The Report provides you with an opportunity to analyse your contribution to the group
activity in assignment 1 and to express your own actions and reflections in all assignments
and activities in Contemporary Information Systems.
This assignment recognises that we all reflect on experiences naturally, and this is probably
something you do already: processing, analysing and integrating your experiences through
writing, discussions with friends, social media, etc. In relation to this report, reflection is the
use of analytical, creative and critical thinking skills to help learn from assignments, and to
examine the overall context that tasks relate to. A structured reflection process:
calls attention to your natural reflection process,
provides new questions you may not ask on your own and
provides immediate feedback to your instructors on your progress.
Format for the Reflective Report
You are to write a report with the following three sections:
Practical Application: This section addresses the what question and, for space purposes, is
focussed on the group assignment 1. You should record objectively what happened in
preparation of the report. Without judgement or interpretation, describe the facts of what you
contributed to the report. This is not what you planned to do or what your partner did or did
not do, but what you actually did yourself. Optionally, comment on what you did in other
assignments (online discussion forums, assignment 2A) as time and space permits.
Motivation and Justification: This is the why question and covers both business reports and
your contributions to the discussion forums. You should describe how the activities you
undertook while doing the assignments. Why did you do a particular thing? Why you selected
not to do something else?
Reflection: This section addresses the what does that mean for me question. You should
describe your experience with the assignments and related activities of the paper with a focus
on the meaning and/or importance of the assignments/activities in your personal learning
experiences. The following questions may help you focus on this content:
What did you learn? Did the activities you undertook clarify things?
What was hard? What was easy?
Did anything surprise you? Why?
What would you change? Why?
Did these assignments/activities prompt any new ideas? Have they initiated a process of
thinking about things you need to do as a student? As a business/IT professional?
Your report should not address each question superficially. Instead select the 2-3 questions
that are the most important/about which you have the most to say and answer them in some
depth in reflective analysis.

Obviously this reflection section is core to what the Reflective Report is about and it should
be the section that receives the most time, space and attention. The assignment of marks will
reflect this.
This is not a business report, but the report should still reflect the highest standards of
professional communication. This includes grammar, capitalisation, punctuation, spelling,
idea flow, sentence structure, formatting, page numbers, etc. In all of these matters and more,
be consistent and be correct.
Writing this report in first person (I, we, our, my) is not only okay, it is expected. Avoid the
use of first person in business reports like assignments 1 and 2A, but writing the Reflective
Report in first person will be easiest and best.
Submitting the Final Report
1. The maximum word count for this assignment is 1,500 words. No minimum word count
applies, just be sure the assignment fulfils all of the expectations outlined above. Penalties
will be applied to any submission that exceeds 1,500 words.
2. The assignment must be largely in your own words. It will be uploaded to SafeAssign,
which will check the work for originality. Submissions that have excessive matching
against unreferenced sources or other students’ work will be submitted to the Disciplinary
Committee and/or a penalty for plagiarism will apply.
3. Do not include a table of contents, list of tables/figures or Assignment Cover Sheet.
4. The due date is no later than 4.30pm on Friday, 20 October 2017. Assignments submitted
after this time will be penalised 3 marks for every 24 hours of lateness.
Upload Declaration
All submissions are to be uploaded to SafeAssign. Accordingly, in uploading your assignment
to SafeAssign you agree to the following conditions:
1. You understand it is your responsibility to keep a copy of your assignment.
2. This assessment is entirely your own work and has not been submitted in any other course
of study.
3. In this assessment you have acknowledged:
a. the source of direct quotes from the work of others,
b. the ideas of others (includes work from private or professional services, past
assessments, other students, books, journals, cut/paste from Internet sites and/or other
materials) and
c. the source of diagrams.
This includes “minimal paraphrasing” – changing a few words in a direct quote does not
make this “your own work”. Either quote directly (include quotation marks, citation and
reference) or substantially rewrite the idea so it is expressed in your own words (include
citation and reference).
4. You understand that SafeAssign is a software system that detects plagiarism and copying,
and that it will be used on your assignment.
5. AUT regulations regarding academic dishonesty, including plagiarism, are included in
Part 7 (Academic Discipline) of the General Academic Regulations found at

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