Research Paper Assignment Description

17 Oct

Research Paper Assignment Description

General overview:

There are four global topics that we address over the semester. For the research paper, students will select one of these topics and discuss the relevant situation in two different countries. Papers should include background information on the topic and each country, progress being made in each country, remaining challenges in each country, and what findings suggest about the view of childhood in those countries. Research must include both criticism of other scholarly works and analysis of primary non-scholarly sources.

Paper Requirements:

Ø Choose ONE of the four global topics:

oInfant/Child Health


oChild Labor

oChildren in Armed Conflict

Ø Choose TWO different countries

oYou cannot choose:

  • United States
  • Nepal

Ø Paper must include:

oBackground information on the topic in each country

  • an accurate description of the current situation regarding your topic with relevant statistics, applicable historical and cultural background information to help explain the ideas, values, and attitudes of each nation

oProgress being made in each country

  • the current laws and interventions being implemented by that country in

regard to the topic

oRemaining challenges in each country

  • the problems that stand in the way of further progress

oView of Childhood

  • what your findings suggest about the view/meaning of childhood in that


  • include, if relevant, examples of human expression that help to explain

attitudes of the contemporary topic in each country


Ø Due to Canvas and in class by the date listed on class schedule

oFailure to submit both will result in a late deduction

Ø 10 pages of text

oNot including title page, references, appendices, etc.

Ø APA style

oFor more information, see APA handout or

oIt is NOT necessary to include an abstract

  • Note: All information from your research sources must be properly cited. Avoid even unintentional plagiarism and cheating. Using someone else’s ideas without giving them credit is considered plagiarism (even if youput it in your own words). You will not receive ANY credit for the assignment and may be failed in the course if you plagiarize or cheat. Check your syllabus or course catalog for the definitions of academic integrity at SJSU.

Ø Minimum of 6 scholarly sources  (AT LEAST 3 SOURCES FOR EACH COUNTRY)

oExamples: Peer-reviewed journal articles, scholarly books, etc.

o3 per country

oPublished within the last 10 years

Ø Minimum of 4 primary source materials

oExamples: artifacts, websites, popular media, case studies, interviews, census

reports (from the country), etc.

o2 per country (at least one artifact per country; For example: country: west Africa| primary artifact: mossi doll)



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