16 Oct

The purpose of this assignment is to practice using persuasive techniques, including rhetoric and audience-centered framing.

Write 15 headlines and at least 3 different subheads for the product and target audience revealed in class. Your headlines should generate excitement and be framed to help audience members select themselves for further exposure to the message. Pay special attention to starting points—shared beliefs and common values. Put your best options first.

Attach a paragraph (up to 250 words) explaining how your rhetoric will be effective in persuading the target audience. Describe their values or beliefs and why your starting points will resonate.

Grading and Evaluation

Explanation paragraphs should be double spaced, with 1-inch margins, using 12-point Times New Roman font and should demonstrate that you’ve thought systematically about your persuasive tools.

Assignments will be graded on strength of rhetoric, quality of explanation and written form.

Upload to Canvas and bring a printout or PDF to class for internal regroup discussion.

Headliners Rubric

For this assignment, the following grading scale and three criteria are in place:

Exceeds expectations: Professional-quality in terms of the criteria being examined. Demonstrates concept mastery and creativity at a quality level considered exemplary in the business world.
Meets expectations: A high-quality product, with all important aspects of the criteria demonstrated. Minor errors may still be seen, or some explanations may not be as clear and concise as they could be when discussing concepts or theories. With minor changes, this could be suitable for a business setting.
Nearly meets expectations: Although the basic ideas and points are evident, some errors in writing and/or understanding and applying concepts show more study is needed to reach proficiency. There are either numerous small issues or a small number of large issues that would have to be worked on before submitting in a business setting.
Does not meet expectations: A lack of understanding is evident, including concepts wrongly explained or applied. The work may also suffer from poor copyediting or other writing issues that impede clarity. Major reworking would need to be done before this could meet business standards.

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