Tasks for the Week

14 Oct

West Africa

Tasks for the Week:

  • Read handouts–
    • Yeboah: “Urban Poverty, Livelihood, and Gender”
    • Ali: “The Manhood Test”
  • Watch–The Great African Scandal
  • Post on the Discussion Board


Part 1:


SelectTwoof below Optionsto complete required task.

Each week, it will be your responsibility to post at least one original post to one of my posts of a minimum of 250 words, and to reply to at least two comments made by classmates, by name. The replies need to be at least 100 words each.

The Manhood Test (Option 1)


Top of Form

Summarize this story. Why did I assign it to the class (i.e., how does it relate to what we’re learning about Africa, what recurring themes come up)?

The Great African Scandal (Option 2)


Top of Form

This 40-minute or so piece can be found at:

When you watch this clip, what themes from the course do you notice?

The producer and academic, Robert Beckford, asks the question, …if the people are so hardworking yet underproducing, what’s preventing their success?  What is his answer?

How would externalist and internalist approaches explain the Great African Scandal and the situation described in Gemhana’s article?Bottom of Form


How is the marriage described here similar or different to the marriage of Baba Segi and his wives?

Urban poverty in Ghana (porters) (Option 3)


Top of Form

What is the role of porters in the community discussed in this article? Describe the role of gender in the porters lives? How do the women’s lives as portrayed in this article differ or resemble the lives of the women we’ve encountered so far in our reading? Can you make any connections of this work to the points Robert Beckford makes in his piece?

Bottom of Form

Bottom of Form

Part 2: Responses- After others postings completed. (reply to at least two comments made by classmates, by name. The replies need to be at least 100 words each)

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