Mid Term Guidelines soc100

14 Oct

Choose 1 topic from the MID TERM PRESENTATION LIST Sign up for topic in Canvas in
advance to avoid duplication. Careful, do not select topics already selected by another student.
Important: If two students or teams choose the same topic, The first will receive a score and the
second student or team to select that topic will not receive a grade.
You may work alone. If you have a partner, both team members must participate fully
each must be responsible for
major sections of the presentation. You only need to submit one
report, but please put both names on the submission. Both team members will receive the
Put the name of your topic on your mid term
10 facts write and speak them during the presentation. 25 pt
Use textbook and at least one other information resource (not counting supporting video or
audio aid) show bibliography/references for your information , MLA format 10 pt
One 1­3 min support video or other audio visual. 10
One video of you presenting your presentation or 1 audio powerpoint­15 pt
(Use the
Canvas video function for easiest results.)
3 multiple choice questions for classmates 5 pt
1 essay/discussion questions for classmates 5 pt
Answer mid term quizzes of each classmate (but not your own.) You will receive (1/2 point for
each correct answer. (Online class quizzes will be posted in Canvas by Prof. Williams
Provide answers for professor
by email only (cut and paste, no attachments please) Put the
“Answers to mid term quiz” in the subject line ­ 5 pt
2 pages double spaced 12 point type summarizing your topic and what you learned
from this assignment 25 pt
Upload all to the mid term forum

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