Personal Written Assignment #2

13 Oct

Personal Written Assignment #2 – Due week 12, 11:59pm (15 points)

Please respond to the following questions in proper Harvard UTS formatting along with your name and heading and submit on UTS Online.

You should properly cite any sources you use and include a reference section. This is not a research paper, so there is no expectation of using peer-reviewed journal articles or theory, but your arguments should be supported.

Apple product launch:

You are to track the company Apple for September 2017 and evaluate its strategy regarding their product launch (in particular the iPhone 8).

Part 1: This assignment should incorporate lessons we have (or will have) in class:

  • Who is behind the strategy of this product launch
  • Why are they releasing new products?
  • Consider the PESTAL analysis and Porter’s 5 forces in assessing this company’s actions that lead them to develop new products
  • Do you believe the iPhone 8 is a worthwhile upgrade and will be a success for the company? Why specifically?
    • While the focus will be on the iPhone, do you believe any of their other new products will be successful and why?

Part 2: This assignment should include your opinions on Apple during this time-period:

Again, there will be lots of news stories on Apple this month!


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