Is the knowledge created by the natural sciences more accurate than the knowledge created by the social sciences?

13 Oct

The assignment Question: “Is the knowledge created by the natural sciences more accurate than the knowledge created by the social sciences?”


Evaluate this with reference to the concepts bellow:

  • Theory dependence
  • Paradigms
  • Probabilism
  • Peer Review




You will need to construct your own answer to these questions.  We are not looking for you to ‘find’ the correct answer but, rather, for you to make an account which is informed, reasoned and evidenced.


Note re. list of resources:

This list is a starting point only. Not all of the sources will be relevant to the approach which you want to take in your answer to the essay question.  To get good marks and for a stronger and more informed essay you will also need to find your own academic and peer-reviewed sources, in order to be informed on the topic and find references and evidence which directly support your specific take on the essay question.


Note re academic concepts:

Academic concepts such as those listed above will help you to analyse the topic at a higher level.  The concepts which we have listed above are not the only ones which you can use to discuss each essay question, and concepts from other lessons and from your research and reading can also be brought in if they help you to make your account in answer to the essay question.



As with any academic essay you will need to:

  • Use citations to evidence / support claims that you make (according to Harvard style)
  • List all citations in a reference list alphabetically (according to Harvard style)
  • Answer the set question
  • Have a clear structure, with a clear introduction and conclusion
  • Make a case for your point
  • Write in an academic style




  • Swinburne University Harvard Style is the required referencing style for this assignment you can find the referencing guide at the Swinburne University website



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