Annotated Bibliography

12 Oct

Annotated Bibliography



For this assignment, you will find 8 sources on your chosen topic representing a range of perspectives and including both expository and argumentative genres. You should begin with a brief introduction that explains your subject and how your sources support your research project. For each source, create an MLA or APA works cited entry and compose a 4-5 sentence summary and evaluation of the source. You may not use encyclopedia entries or other similar sources for this project. You must use AT LEAST two scholarly sources. All sources must have been published within the last five years.


Important Dates:

Rough Draft Due: Monday, October 16th, by the end of class

Peer Review Due: Wednesday, October 18th, by the end of class

Final Draft Due: Sunday, October 29th, by 11:59 p.m.


Important Features:


  1. Complete bibliographical information: are your citations in the proper format and alphabetized?
  2. A brief summary or description: do you summarize all the major features of your chosen articles?
  3. Evaluative Comments: is the source authoritative and up-to-date? What are its strengths and weaknesses?
  4. Some indication of how each source informs your research: how can this source be used in your research project paper?





  1. Be consistent in your presentation. Adopt a format for your citations and annotations and stick with it. Consider using a rhetorical précis format or other template to keep yourself consistent.
  2. Consider how your sources fit together. Do they contradict or support each other?  What perspectives do they demonstrate?  Are there any perspectives you feel are missing from your sources?
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