Case Study

10 Oct



Do a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the is-sues Starbucks faces in maintaining customer satisfaction levels.Please note that your papers should be written as a professional business report, focusing on the problem (why and how), in an objective and structured way and based on analysis and evidence.  Your analysis should be done based only on the information presented on the case and its exhibits, so please don’t use external sources. As discussed in class, the paper should be in Word format with 3 to 5 pages of content, single-spaced.


(dear writer, please do not use outsite of source for this assignment, only the case I gave to you. Thanks! I will give you some example case analysis. )


Your assignment is to analyze the Starbucks case and give your opinion about what Christine Day should do.  The key issue in this case is:

“Should Starbucks invest $40 million to increase labor in each of its 4,500 stores in order to improve its customer satisfaction ratings?”

I provided you with a case analysis framework in the first module this week.   Follow the second slide that has the analysis item as well as the questions.   For a written case analysis, you do not need address the last 3 items in the analytical framework.

I’ve also posted several examples of well written, well-structured case analyses that previous students have submitted as well as a couple of poorly written ones.  I think you’ll immediately see the difference between them.

As I mentioned in class, make sure you show your analysis.  Focus on the “why” and “how” with as much evidence as you can produce.



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