Corporate Financial Analysis

08 Oct

Second Assignment

25410 Corporate Financial Analysis (Capstone)


Valuing Technology Companies


For the second part of the assignment, each groupwill analysetwo companies:

Xero Limited (XRO)and Snap (SNAP). Note that XRO is traded on the ASX and SNAP is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.


Please choose a president of your group so that one person coordinates all correspondence. Groups can be reformed according to the same criteria as part one.

You are asked to prepare a written report on each company for the purpose of an investment decision from Australia. Please value each company and decide if you would invest in neither, one or both of the two companies. In the written report, you must introduce each company and explain the equity valuation technique(s) you have used and why it is appropriate for that company. You cannot use a market value approach to value the company. Explain the methodology you have chosen, highlighting any shortcomings in the approach and what you have done to resolve the shortcomings. Ensure you are up to date on the company news as this may influence your outlook. You must come up with a per share valuation and compare it to the market price.

You are asked to present like a professional team.Each presenter must have a professional looking photo of themselfon the first slide in their section of the presentation (please introduce yourself with one sentence about your career aspirations). No ‘MC’ – hand off to the next presenter so that each presenter is only speaking once. Slides need to be engaging. For good examples of presentation formats, please take a look at

Each group will present theirvaluationand justification in their tutorial. Each member of the group can speak for 2 minutes (+/- 30 seconds). No notes are permitted in the presentation. Reading off the slides will reduce your mark. You will receive individual feedback on your presentation style and this component is worth 10% of your final mark. A hardcopy of the assignment is due in your tutorial on October 16, 2017 (week 11). Student names listed on the cover page need to be in the same order as the presentation order.

There is an8 page maximum for the written portion of your assignment. The cover page does not count. You may include 2 additional pages in the form of a table that explains your numerical calculations (one page for each company) and maximum one extra page for references. Providing equations or numerical calculations on slides is not a good presentation technique. Convey what you did and engage the audience.

This assignment and presentation are worth 30% of your final grade, split between 10% for the individual presentation (covering PLO 3.2), 20% for the group written assignment.

Besides the hard copy, you must also submit an electronic version of your report using turnitin before the deadline of midnight October16, 2017.

There are no exceptions to the group size restriction of 4-6 unless prior written confirmation is received.






Group members:


Name: _____________________________

Name: _____________________________ Name: _____________________________ Name: _____________________________

Name: _____________________________

Name: _____________________________

25410 Corporate Financial Analysis

Spring Semester 2017

Analysis of two technology companies


Tutorial Time:_______________



St# ______________________

St# ______________________

St# ______________________

St# ______________________

St# ______________________

St# ______________________








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