Oral composition

05 Oct

Turn the newsletter into oral composition


  1. Select a newspaper article that you can turn into an oral composition. Find and copy a newspaper article that can be transformed into an oral narration. It might be easier to choose a story that is already somewhat agonistic in nature.
  2. Create an oral composition based on the news story. Turn the newspaper account into an oral composition. That is, compose the story using the oral psychodynamics and oral methods of composition THAT I HAVE ATTACHED BELOW.  Your story will be much different than the original material. Feel free to change whatever is necessary. That is, employ homeostasis:  change the facts (and everything else) to suit your purpose.   Do not include anything or any type of thinking that could not have existed prior to writing (for instance if the news story mentions a gun or a calendar, transform these into what an oral culture would have used). At the end of the oral composition, as an appendix, paste a duplicate copy of your oral composition, but on that copy, identify in brackets each of the oral traits (psychodynamics and formulary methods) that you used.



first, the newsletter should be more an action and should have character that you can who is the hero and how is the bad one (villain), so you can turn into an oral composition. also the traits you should use from the file




you should be analyzing and evaluating your oral narration that you write when you turn the newsletter


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