The context of organizational behavior

27 Sep


• 1,200 WORDS


2 Concepts that need to be incorporated in the discussion:

1. The context of organizational behavior-

Work Force Diversity- Presence of Individual differences based on gender, race and ethnicity, age, able-bodiedness, and sexual orientation.

2. Individual Differences & Diversity-

Valuing (or not Valuing) Diversity-

Discrimination – the flip side of valuing diversity against women and minorities in the workplace.

Glass Ceiling Effect – An invisible barrier or “ceiling” that prevents women and minorities from rising above a certain level of organizational.

Race and Ethnicity – The value of heterogeneous perspectives within teams and organizations.

In addition,

You must then find a work-related news article from a reputable source within the last 4 years to demonstrate the connection between both concepts as well as their relevance to everyday work life.

Within your post, you MUST clearly make the case for and specifically show how your chosen work related news article incorporates BOTH core concepts from each chapter, as well as justifies and highlights their relatedness. In other words, it is your responsibility to clearly elaborate on and be able to justify how your work related news article/personal workplace experience links to, integrates AND illuminates your chosen core concepts from both chapters.

Your overall post must provide only a brief summary of your work related news article to frame your discussion so that what you are discussing is clear but is not the majority of the post.

Additionally, your main work related news article as well as other required external sources must be cited and referenced appropriately using APA format. The use of external sources serve as supporting evidence to substantiate your arguments so that they are not merely opinion.

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