Outside Video Assignments

27 Sep

1.1. Outside Video Assignments

There are three (3) out-of-class video assignments:

You must see three videos from the list in the following section.  Most are available in for streaming in our BBD/Streaming folder. All are in the in the Library; some are available online or via Netflix, etc.

Note:  If you do more videos from the list below than the required three, put the extras in the Blackboard Extra Credit Turnitin folders for extra credit..

1.1.1.Required Outside Video Instructions

  Do a  1 page double-spaced commentary/critique for each of the three films and put each separately in one of the 3 Outside Video Blackboard. No paper copy. Be sure to put the title of the film at the top of the page and on the subject line. Be sure your name is on the e-copy itself.  

It is NOT a summary. Show by your various specific examples that you have seen the whole film.   The commentary/critique should make specific points, and not just be vague generalities. You can identify a major thesis or theses of the film, and critiquing how well it or they were substantiated. You should also include a sentence or two about if you thought the film was worth watching.

Put the film title in the filename AND the top of the write-up.) One film per “Assignment” slot in Turnitin in Blackboard:  Go to ‘Assignments” and pick an electronic folder labeled “Required outside Videos.”  It helps me if you have your name & class time, and you must have film title on the actual electronic paper as well.  Be sure you keep a backup copy.

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