Cultural Diversity

27 Sep

Part 1

175 word in APA format with one reference and in-text citation. Should thoroughly answer each component of the prompt, provide clear definitions of course concepts (when needed), incorporate evidence to support all claims, be logically organization, and include at least one critical thinking question. I attached the lecture notes to this question and the five fallacies notes. You can look through them.

We discussed push and pull factors driving Mexican immigration into the United States. Take a few minutes and read a recent news article (those published by a U.S. news outlet) related to the topic. Analyze the author’s argument utilizing this week’s lecture material and the five fallacy framework presented at the beginning of the semester. What claims does the writer(s) make? What assumptions are necessary to make those claims? What information is missing from the authors’ account? How would you frame a rebuttal to the article(s) you selected? Be sure to cite your articles at the end.

Part 2

We discussed two competing discourses commonly used to interpret international conflict, terrorism, and Arab Americans: The Clash of Civilizations and Western Imperialism. Using examples from the video “FBI Entraps Americans in Terrorism Sting Operations,” select one discourse to answer the following questions. According to the video, how has the FBI responded to political violence inspired by Islamic terrorist organizations? How does your chosen discourse interpret the FBI practices described in the video? What are at least one cost and one benefit associated with such practices?”
Note about keeping this in:  Video discusses how this specific group has been targeted, and the group felt that this is appropriate for the content.

All papers should be one-page length, double spaced, and include an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.
**Reference page only required if you quote or paraphrase your text or outside material.

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