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27 Sep

( Angela F) Reply to this posting 250 -300 words use the Earning “A” file and APA format to complete reply.



The purpose of this assignment is to read the two articles in this week’s readings and share thoughts about the examples and if it would be something to try. Resumes are the best way to get an employers attention when showing interest in a job. However, in the articles regarding creative resumes, the examples were not very appealing. As a current assistant manager, Angie feels this is excessive and would not be effective. Angie would not personally try one of these creative resumes when applying to a future career in Human Resources.


In conclusion, Angie would prefer to give and receive a traditional resume. The creative resumes would be better suited for a job such as Google or a fancier job.


Weinberg, S. (2014, September 10). Think outside the box: 4 creative résumé ideas [Web log post]. Business Insider. Retrieved from

Feldman, J. (2013, May 3). Sometimes, résumés can be too creative [Web log post]. Business Insider. Retrieved from


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