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Project Leadership Roles at TriHealth


TriHealth is a company that manages several large hospitals and a variety of other health organizations, suchas physical fitness facilities and nursing services. Dueto the company

s increasing size and complexity, TriHealth leadership decided they needed to formally de-

fine roles of project executive sponsor, project leader,performance improvement consultant, core team member, and subject matter expert. These roles are shownbelow.


Project Executive Sponsor

Initiating Stage

Empower project leader with well-defined charter,which is the overarching guide

Clearly define expected outcomes Demonstrate commitment to and prioritization of


Define decision-making methods and responsibility sponsor/project leader/team

Partner with project leader to identify obstacles, barriers, and silos to overcome

Planning Stage

Ensure Project Leader understands business contextfor organization

Ensure Project Leader develops overall project plan

Assist Project leader in developing vertical and horizontal communication plan

Demonstrate personal interest in project by investing time and energy needed

Secure necessary resources and organizational support Executing Stage

Communicate and manage organizational politics

Visibly empower and support Project Leader vertically and horizontally

Build relationships with key stakeholders

Actively listen to and promote team and project toStakeholders

Remove obstacles and ensure progress of project

Ensure goals are met and Stakeholders are satisfiedClosing Stage

Ensure closure; planned completion or termination

Ensure results and lessons learned are captured and



  • Ensure assessment of related applications oropportunities
  • Ensure any necessary next steps are assigned andresourced
  • Recognize contributions and celebrate completion


Negotiate follow-up date(s) to assess project status


Project Leader


All of the roles listed are the ultimate responsibility of

the project leader. However, in the development of the

charter, the Sponsor and the Project Leader will have a

discussion about the Project Leader role. At that time,

the individuals will determine if the Project Leader

needs additional assistance or skills to facilitate the

project success and which of these responsibilities

need to be delegated to others with expertise in those


  • LeadsnegotiationwithSponsorforcharterdefinition.


  • Collaborates with Sponsor to clarify expectations.


  • Provides direction to the team with integrity, leader-

ship, and communication skills.


  • Facilitates productive meetings and supports the

team’s decisions.


  • Prepares the high-level work plan and timeline.


  • Champions the project on the management level

and with the staff.


  • Leads the implementation of the project.


  • Manages project flow, including agenda setting,

meeting documentation, and coordination of team



  • Develops implementation, education, and commu-

nication plans for the project.


  • Responsible for the team and project progress and

proactively intervenes to promote team and project



  • Identifies, communicates, and facilitates the re-

moval of barriers to enable successful project



Supports the team with tools and methodologies toaccomplish goals.



Part 1

Organizing Projects

  • Facilitates collection and analysis of data.


  • Leads the team in developing a plan to sustain the

change and monitor effectiveness.


  • Leads team in developing recommended next steps.


  • Closes project with Sponsor and assure lessons

learned are captured.


  • Establish with Sponsor the dates for post-project

check-up and overall measurable effectiveness of



Performance Improvement Consultant


If the Sponsor and the Project Leader determine additional

support/expertise is needed, a Performance Improvement

Consultant can provide the following


  • Provides direction to the Project Leader in establish-

ing targets and a measurement and monitoring



  • Mentors the Project Leader on leading the team

through the project management process.


  • Collaborates with the Project Leader to prepare a

work plan and timeline for the project.


  • Proactively intervenes to promote team and project

success based on teamwork and interactions.


  • Assists the Project Leader in identifying, communicating,

and removing barriers to enable successfulproject completion.


  • Assists in the researching of research, best practices, and benchmarking.


  • Coaches the Project Leader on the development and

implementation of a comprehensive communication, education, and

change management plan.


  • Provides the Project Leader support in assuring regularcommunication



  • Offers expertise to the team with tools and methodologies to accomplish goals.


  • Collaborates with the Project Leader on the collection and analysis of data.


  • Assures a system-wide perspective is consideredand downstream effects analyzed.


  • Provides change management education and as-

sists the Project Leader in developing key strategies

for successful change management


  • Provides coaching to the Project Leader on key strat-

egies for successful planning, implementation, and

sustainability of the project.


Core Team Member


  • Takes responsibility for the success of the team.


  • Attends meetings for duration of the project.


  • Actively participates in team meetings.


  • Understands the entire range of the project.


  • Actively participates in the decision-making process.


  • Supports the team’s decisions




  • Completes outside assignments.


  • Carries out many of the project activities; produces

deliverables on time.


  • Provides testing or validation of decisions being

made by the team.

  • Provides data collection and reporting.
  • Participates in the communication, education, im-

plementation, and evaluation of the project.

  • Gathers input from the areas they represent, if



  • Shares team decisions and plans throughout the


  • May work directly with Stakeholders or Subject Mat-

ter Experts.


Subject Matter Expert

  • Not a core team member of the team.
  • Participates in demonstrations/presentations and/or

team meetings, as needed.

  • Carries out project activities as assigned; produces


  • Responsible for supplying requirements.
  • Provides input to the team or complete activities

based on a specific expertise he or she possesses

that is essential to the project.

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