National Security and the U.S. role in a changing world

30 Jul

In this essay examination you will draw them to the Future of U.S. Power,

National Security and the U.S. role in a changing world.


The purpose of this is to assess your strategic thinking. This is not a research paper.


The U.S. has been the dominant world power since 1945. But today the complex, globalized world is one in which power has declining utility. Using the LECTURE (attached), The Future of U.S. Power and National Security, answer the following:

  1. Which of the postures or combinations best serve our national interests in the future?
  2. Can the U.S. remain the “indispensable nation” in a world full of emergencies and crises?

Include in your response references to the essay by Steven Walt and the Sanger epilogue.


  • Limit your assessment to a minimum of 8 pages. If you need more space for each section of your response
  • Please BOLD subheadings for each part of the question so the exam is reader friendly.

o Section A– Introduction -1 page

o Section B– Interests 5 pages

o Section C– Objectives 2 pages


Must include references and each reference must have page number listed on each source that you may be quoting from.

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