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28 Jul

Marketing discussion question 1 page

Please answer this question in two paragraphs.


QUESTION recently, personal selling focused almost entirely on making a one-time sale and then moving on to the next prospect. Modern views of personal selling emphasize the relationship that develops between a salesperson and a buyer.


Review the information on relationship selling in Chapter 17 of your e-text.


Then for this discussion, identify a recent experience when you either bought or sold something. Was relationship selling used? If so, how? If not, how could it have been used? Did or would relationship selling make the selling or buying experience more pleasant? How?


Respond to 2 other students answer ONE PARAGRAPH EACH below


STUDENT 1            Recently, I had to choose a landscaping company to take care of my yard while I’m gone due to work.  After the research that I had done I found multiple landscaping companies that were all competitive with their prices as well as their reviews by current and former customers.  The one advantage that the company I chose had was the fact that they were recommended to me by a friend.  I then called the company and set up a consultation.  After meeting with them the choice was a no brainer.

This was a classic example of personal selling.  The manager came and met me, looked at my yard and we discussed an estimate while he told me what he would do.  He gave me a detailed explanation of what he planned to do and how to accomplish it.  After discussing this over for a little bit he offered to cut the cost due to the fact that we had mutual friends.

This is a good example of how personal selling establishes a relationship and promotes long term business.  Obviously, there is a time and place for alternate selling methods, but personal selling should be considered if you have properly trained personnel and if long term business is desired.

STUDENT 2;My recent shopping experience left much to be desired. I was in the market for a pair of block-heeled sandals at one of my favorite shoe stores. When I walked in I was greeted immediately, which I appreciated, but the customer service and salesmanship from the employees on staff fell drastically afterwards. I found the pair I was looking for, but ultimately had to chase down the employee in order to retrieve it. Once I was ready to checkout, there was minimal conversation- just the routine, sign here etc.

I chose to visit that particular store based on my prior shopping experiences there, and was saddened by the differences in both visits. The prior employees and managers who worked there would introduce themselves, engage in conversations with me, suggest other items, as well as let me know of future sales. Their attention towards building a relationship with me as a consumer made me feel welcomed. I understood as a customer how effective relationship selling was, as I would often feel guilty about the times I did not make a purchase with those employees.

In my prior retail work experience, I understood the components and significance of building relationships with your customer. First introduce yourself to your customer, next find a common talking ground (weather, outfit, general), followed by open-ended questions to get to know your them. Lastly, introduce your item as well as any building accessories that would compliment it. My experience at the store lacked all of those key components and thus relationship selling was not used. The employee could of introduced some cleaning accessories for my shoes, suggested a bag, or better yet, introduced herself and asked what the occasion for the shoe was in order to build conversation that would have led to a relationship sale. I truly believe if she had I would’ve have revisited the store, instead of taking my business to their website online.

As an avid shopper, and prior sales representative I believe relationship selling is the best form of selling, as your relationship with your customer can create loyalty, as well as opportunities with future customers through word of mouth.

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